I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO page becomes new leader in techno world


Founded back in January 2010. I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO guys started working and posting regularly all related to electronic music with emphasize on techno scene.

From 2010. until today they rise above with the quality of interesting posts, selflessly supporting other related Facebook pages and artists. With this unique policy, it made them the immense following of 700.000+ users so far on their Facebook page.

Their platform is currently also spread on label mTechno Records where they gather the most perspective talent from techno world including artists like Ilija Djoković, Worda, TKNO, Filthy Kid, Alen Milivojević, LAKAC, Konstantinus and much more.

Their weekly podcast on MixCloud is hosted every Thursday and features their open-minded editors Rectoor and Worda.

With all of this, I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO is being loved as one of the most important brands in the techno music genre.

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