Stephan Bodzin – Strand / Catamaran [Afterlife]

Stephan Bodzin Strand Catamaran Afterlife

When it comes to Stephan Bodzin today, your first thought should be captivating melodies into the endless journey through sound. Once we saw that he just dropped two new tracks “Strand” and “Catamaran” after two years of not releasing any solo EP – we were thrilled to get our ears on it.

A highly trained musician and experienced producer is known as the King of Synthesis. He once again delivered what fans are expecting from him. In first track “Strand” he combines raw and edgy grooves on top of the mesmerizing melodies. Strand is just ecstatic, powerful and human as you can hear that Bodzin delivered this one live.

Calmer but colorful “Catamaran” is the track that brings that “after” moment on Afterlife imprint. It subtly moves you left and right as the notes jump in and out of this bittersweet composition. It gives you somehow a nostalgic feeling to it, probably like a boat drifting into the unknown open sea without a sign of returning back (Catamaran is a type of boat btw).

Both dream-like compositions are unmistakably Bodzin, taking the listener on a journey and brimming with the synth wizardry he is best known for. Release date will be on vinyl and digital from 8th of December and we are looking forward to seeing Stephan Bodzin on 25th of November in Belgrade.

Stephan Bodzin Belgrade Blender

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