Detroit Swindle announce ‘High Life’ LP


Detroit Swindle present ‘High Life’, their second studio album due on the 28th May on the duo’s own Heist Recordings. The heart of the album was recorded over a three week period at their Amsterdam studio in March 2017, and the release will coincide with the fifth anniversary of the label.

Since forming in 2011, the Dutch duo have carved a unique place for themselves in the scene. Their sound – which merges references from multiple decades into one smooth aesthetic – quickly rose to popularity for its careful blend of soul and rhythm, taking cues from their passion for obscure records, with influences ranging from house and funk to afrobeat and soul. Dynamic live shows and DJ sets afford them a packed touring schedule across the globe, whilst their label Heist Recordings is credited with consistently breaking new artists.

Detroit Swindle High Life LP Heist Recording

The album explores the intersection of live and electronic music, with much of the improvised material left largely untouched to maintain its organic sensibilities. Detroit Swindle describe the album as an “electronic album with a live approach, combining our love for house, ambient and jazzy harmonics, making it a record interesting for the club, as well as a pleasant album to put on at home.”

‘High Life’ explores stripped back soul and groove driven house over ten glistening productions. Featured on the album are a sun-drenched collaboration with British singer/songwriter Tom Misch and a deep workout with the vocals of trained gospel singer turned house aficionado Seven Davis Jr. Lorenz Rhode, who accompanies the duo for their live shows, features on the infectious melodies of ‘High life’. ‘Call of the wild’ incorporates none other than Dutch nine-piece brass band Jungle by Night, whose stunning improvisations were recorded in the Red Bull Studio in Amsterdam.

01. Ketama Gold
02. High Life feat. Lorenz Rhode
03. Call Of The Wild feat. Jungle by Night
04. Yes, No Maybe feat.Tom Misch
05. The Girl From Shiraz
06. Flavourism feat. Seven Davis Jr.
07. Freeqy Polly
08. Ex Machina
09. Cut U Loose
10. Lucky Number 13