Denis Horvat returns to Afterlife Recordings for a second EP of distinctive, dancefloor productions.

Denis Horvat

A year after ‘Modelo’ comes ‘Miracle Of The Rose’, an evocative and authentic development of Horvat’s sound.

On ‘Noise’, the vocals of Lelah give way to a stripped-down, reverberant groove. The title track rises with a free-flowing melody before dropping a tough, angular beat. ‘Divin’ is the EP’s deepest cut, before digital only track ‘Royale’ rounds off this diverse release with flair.


A1 Noise feat. Lelah
B1 Miracle Of The Rose
B2 Divin
Digital only: Royale

Available on 12” vinyl and digital from March 22, 2019.

Featured Photo: Kiva Marie Husted Brynaa