Interview | Boris Brejcha “Playing with a mask creates a really special atmosphere on stage”


Hailing from Germany, Boris Brejcha is one few names that stick up to his sound. He described it as high-tech minimal and with his mysterious mask performance and few notable tracks like “Devil”, “I Take It Smart”, “Gravity” and “Purple Noise” he won the hearts of many clubbers. Especially in Balkans. Therefore we got him directly between the busy schedule to tell us about his background, music, mask and upcoming fashion line. We hope you will enjoy!

1. Hello Boris, we are glad that we have you here in the spotlight. And since we are speaking about the spotlight, can you tell us what was the moment where all lights of the clubbing scene went on you that elevated you as one of the most wanted names in the world?

That’s actually a good question and I think it was my set when I was playing in France for the Le Cercle guys. After that set what’s uploaded, I was getting a lot of messages from my fans that this set is really outstanding + the location. And I was getting even more fans. Everything was growing really fast after that set. And of course after my Tomorrowland set.

2. You seem to always sell out shows in Serbia and we had here some superstar names that didn’t manage to do that? What is the secret formula between you and Serbian scene? 🙂

Actually, I don’t know. My only idea is that it depends maybe on the music. Or maybe on
my person itself. Because I’m working like super social. I am answering every single
message on my own. And this brings a super resonance from my fans. My fans love it. If
you answer the messages, the people see that you are just a normal person. And I think
this is a very important thing to stay close with your fans.

3. You recently launched your fashion line. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes. It was always a dream to have our own Fashion collection. Since years. And we are
really happy that we have done it this year. I know that we are still at the beginning but
we try to expand our collection really soon. Later on, we try to have our own brand with
our Fckng Serious brand. But I am sure this takes time. But actually, we are really happy to give our fans some really nice products.

4. You will be headlining the EXIT Festival again this year, some people might critique that you are too regular in our country. Can too much playing in one place saturate or not? What are your thoughts on this?

That’s true. Maybe after this year, I need to make the break in Serbia 😉 Playing in one
country always all the time is not that good. That’s why we try to play just one time a year in each country. This keeps you as an artist much more attractive. But I have to say, playing in Serbia is just awesome. I love it.

5. What’s the story behind your mask? Does it in some way help you or is it just for the stage appearance?

Actual there is not really a story behind my mask. When I started to be a DJ back in 2006, I wanted to be different beside all of the other DJs. My first Gig in my life was in Brazil and I was thinking about the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro – that’s why I was choosing to play with a mask. And I have to say that I really like it. It creates a really special atmosphere on stage. That means there is not a proper meaning behind using the mask.

6. For the end tell us what can we expect from you this year and in Novi Sad when you arrive at the EXIT Festival?

For this year’s exit festival I will come back with a lot of new music. At the beginning of
2019 I had free months of vacation and I was producing a lot of new music. For my exit
festival DJ set, it will be a mix of new productions and of course some old productions. I
am really looking forward to it.

Boris Brejcha will play at EXIT Festival this year. For full info check the official event here. 

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