INTERVIEW | Brigado Crew prvi put u SRBIJI

Brigado Crew

Brian Harrison i Kasall poznatiji kao BRIGADO CREW sastav iz Buenos Aires-a (ARG), dolaze ovog vikenda u Srbiju da nam prenesu energiju Diynamic Music-a i Suara etikete. U subotu 28.10 gostuju u Kafematu (Novi Sad, Sutjeska 2), dok će u nedelju 29.10 nastupiti na Sunday Beat konceptu (Beograd, Nemanjina 4). Jedva čekamo da čujemo šta će Brian i Kasall doneti od muzike sa sobom, a za vas smo uspeli da obezbedimo jedan zanimljiv intervju sa ovim momcima, pa bacite pogled… 🙂

Brigado Crew
Brigado Crew

1. Hey Brigado Crew guys! Thanks for being with us on this talk. First of all, we are glad that you are on mini-tour in Balkans. What did you hear about the crowd here so far?
Hello, thanks for receiving us its a pleasure. Honestly, we didn’t hear much about the crowd but we hope to receive what we are looking for. We are very happy at the moment with the gigs we got here in Europe so we want to continue like that.

2. What’s the secret behind the Brigado Crew name – is there any particular story behind it?
No, hahaha, one day at Martin’s house we were thinking about names and both like the word Brigado how it sounds and what it means so def we decide it. Then we need to add something cause Brigado alone its simple and we took the word Crew.

3. What were you doing before music and what was your worst job?
Hahaha, good question. Martin worst job was in a casino as waiter and Brian worst were in a cyber coffee as reception haha. That’s what we did before music.

4. You made a breakthrough with “Zulu” on Diynamic imprint – how did that happen?
Because of “work work work work” – have a focus on what you want of course the main is to believe in your self and try to make something different that represent you.

5. When it comes to production and DJing with you two – what is your approach?
Both of us loves melodies and ethnic sounds so we always search to produce and play tracks that have that. Of course with groove not much elements in the drums and obviously, we want that the track tells us a story to join us in our story when we play.

6. Your current top5 tunes are…?
H.O.S.H – Karma
Maceo Plex – Motor Rotor
Mabiisi – Baakoya (Armonica Remix)
Rafael Cerato & Anton Dhouran – Distain ft. Jonatan Backelie
Sébastien Léger – La Danse Du Scorpion

7. What can we expect from you on this mini-tour in Kafemat and Sunday Beat in Serbia?
We are very anxious about this mini-tour cause is the last part of our European tour and then we will be back on Argentina so is our goodbye and we wanna have a very very good time. We bring with us a lot of music, some new tracks we just finish and we wanna play many hours with our melodies hope the crowd wants the same.

8. For the end, what are you cooking in your studio and what are your plans in future?
In our studio, we are working hard on some new originals and a remix for a label that we love.
Future gigs:
19.November with Kollektiv Turmstrate @ Argentina
26.November with Adriatique @ Uruguay
And more gigs coming soon in some cities of Argentina