Review – Anja Schneider ‘SoMe’ album [Sous Music]

Anja Schneider

When it comes to a few ladies in the “room” – Anja Schneider is for sure one of the leading female artists in dance music industry. From her platform Mobilee which nurtured talent like Pan-Pot, Rodriguez Jr, Kevin Over and Sebo K – to playing early tracks as radio host that were signed by Maya Jane Coles, Nicole Moudaber and even great Solomun. Mother, DJ, producer, radio host and living inspiration of many artists – Anja just dropped us a new album on her upcoming label “Sous Music”. The name of the album “SoMe” (meaning on “so me, like myself”) already gives us an indication that this is a personal thing. It features many different tracks, spanning from liquid drum’n’bass on “WMF” to downtempo electronica on “Shadows”.

We wrote about it earlier here, but now we have a full preview here for your listening eargasm. It’s a new album after 9 years. She made it up for all of us with 9 new tracks.

It starts with loopy tune “The Sun” that reminds us of early Cadenza Music that Luciano played a lot. It’s hypnotic and effective with its drive that repeats “The Sun… The Sun…” on and on. She says about the track that  “I wanted this track to turn out like a big electronic band with attitude – but I failed,” she laughs. “Instead it’s more Chicago and Detroit, but I love it anyway!” – Anja Schneider

01. Anja Schneider – The Sun [Sous Music]

The listening of album emphasizes more on the dancefloor as you hear “Secret Escapes” which will for sure wipe down many clubs and festivals with smooth acoustics on bouncy synths and warm beats as it progresses to perfection. This track will basically be a “Secret Weapon” for DJs instead of “Secret Escapes”!

02. Anja Schneider – Secret Escapes [Sous Music]

Then the album slows down a bit, but again with the similar groove. Anja co-produced this album with well-known Jan-Eric Scholz (aka Toni Planet from project Die Raketen). She took inspiration from her trip to Cape Town on CTEMF in 2015. Anja says: “Overall I’m really interested in these ragga vibes coming into house and techno – I love how these kids are combining their roots with electronic music.”.

03. Anja Schneider – All I See [Sous Music]

Next click tripped us all in our studio. We press on “WMF” but it played drum’n’bass?! Our basically first love to broken beat was liquid drum and “WMF” was 100% that. This tune speaks about Anja’s involvement in d’n’b in 90s when she came to Berlin. Oh, what a love on a rainy autumn day. Or even summerish trip – this tune was played on repeat here for like 3 hours. It’s basically hard to change to something else – how much is perfect. For us this is the album, right here. Smooth jazzy vibes + atmospheric patterns and the nudging head all around the place is what we need more.

04. Anja Schneider – WMF [Sous Music] – Grotto pick!

We come to “Sanctuary” which brings us back to the four to the floor groove. We surprised a bit when we heard Rob Birch from Stereo MCs on vocal. Who doesn’t know about their tune “Connected” shouldn’t be seriously into the music industry, but Anja for sure is a fan when she featured him. The story about “Sanctuary” speaks about this place of energy, where we create something new. Pretty deep and lovely. You should listen to it carefully.

05. Anja Schneider Feat. Stereo MCs – Sanctuary [Sous Music]

Anja is foremost a DJ, so the album is meant to be played in clubs, therefore our musical journey continues with “Got Me With A Bang”. The vocal reminds us to Bjarki’s “I Wanna Go Bang” tune. Just the background of the whole song is more housey with a touch of acid. Perfect for the after-hours.

06. Anja Schneider – Got Me With A Bang [Sous Music]

With the tunes “Night Out” and “Look Of Love” she obviously brings homage to her previous album “Beyond The Valley” and that Berlin-influenced sound. As she says “I’m still getting requests for tracks from that album almost 10 years later, so wanted to put something on there that pays homage to this period as I still love this Berlin techno sound and I wanted something on the album that connects with it.”

07. Anja Schneider – Night Out [Sous Music]

08. Anja Schneider – Look Of Love [Sous Music]

For the end, we have downtempo electronica tune “Shadows” that comes as a personal note. “I originally wanted to do an ambient track and I wanted to sing on it, but thankfully I have the right people around me telling me that’s not a good idea, she shares with a laugh. “In the end, it came out a lot more spacey and features the vocals of my boyfriend. I think he may have a new career ahead of him!” she chuckles.

09. Anja Schneider – Shadows [Sous Music]

Overall this album is really something personal and inviting to meet Anja Schneider again or for the first time. She did it openly between the gigs and being a parent to her son which just shows how big of an artist and persona she is. With her, this album of “SoMe” will for sure become “Sous Music” if you let yourself to the musical soundscapes of Schneider that she painted along the way. The release date of this album is on 3th of November.

You can pre-order it here.

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