Interview | Mikhu “My sets are always very spontaneous.”

photo by Nicolas Keshvary

Domenico Longo aka Mikhu is a rising star in rominimal/micro-house scene. With Italian roots, while living in Switzerland, Mikhu is all about rhythm and bass while combining deep and emotional sounds that got easily recognized in his track “Sorry”. He will be playing on 11th in Belgrade, so we spoke with him a little about who he is as an artist and what are his aspirations currently.

1. Hello Mikhu, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. First of all can you introduce yourself to our readers? Who is Mikhu and what is his goal in life?

Hi there, I‘m Mikhu, 26 years old.
I‘m italian, born and raised in Switzerland, near Basel.
I started DJing when I was 14, so 12 years ago and producing 8 years ago.

What I love most about djing, is sharing a special moment with so many people. You can make them dance and maybe let them forget their everyday life for a few hours.
I‘m passionate about spreading love, joy and happiness with my music.
It‘s what keeps me motivated to reach for the highest.

2. You’ve released a track “Sorry” that it may say, became a little underground hit. What’s the story behind the track?

I found the acapella version of Billie Eilish’s track and started messing around with it in the studio. I sent the result to my friend Michel Degen for some feedback and he immediately wanted it for his first VA on Sanguina Records, that‘s the whole story. Didn‘t even imagine that it could go viral, but I‘m very thankful.

3. We’ve heard that you are playing special set in club Gadost this Thursday. What are you going to prepare for us?

My sets are always very spontaneous.
It is created at the moment and depends on the people, the atmosphere and the energy in the club. But for sure it will be groovy and I will test some of my new tracks.

4. There’s whole international movement behind “romininal/micro-house” in last few days. How did that happen? How do you comment on it?

It‘s a very special kind of music.
It‘s more than just bass and rhythm, it‘s music you have to understand and listen carefully.
Even if the tracks seem very simple and easy sometimes, they still have depth.
I think that‘s what makes it so special and so popular more and more.

5. What’re your top 3 tracks at the moment?

that‘s a difficult choice, there are a lot of very good tracks! But 3 tracks I play a lot:

1. Ho Do Ri – Fu Giunta 007 [UDIG002]
2. Ittetsu – 11th [ENDZ010]
3. Unknown Artist – Ijzeren Rots [DIGWAH003]

6. Which classic tune would you like to remix?

Ricardo Villalobos – Easy Lee
I love that vocal and I already did an edit once, but I want to do it again and much better.

7. For the end, what did you hear about Serbia, DJs and clubbing scene here?

I heard that Serbia has a big community for minimal/house/techno. I also know there are big festivals in Serbia.
I‘m very excited to get to know the scene you have there.

Thank you so much for your answers and see you on Thursday on the dancefloor!

You‘re welcome! See you on Thursday!

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